The Six Unique Characters in our Aliens & Asteroids Campaign, Part 3

Sean Samsonite was the first PC to join our Aliens & Asteroids playtest at my FLGS (Petrie’s Family Games), but he wasn’t the last. (You can read about him here.)

The very next session we had a new player join our ranks, but only for a single night. Vernon created A. Serious Commander — a Commander. Sean and A. Serious tackled an abandoned Grey Men base in the asteroid belt and survived the feat, but we never crossed paths with A. Serious again. It’s possible he was redeployed to another galaxy. I would tell you more about A. Serious, but there wasn’t much to tell beyond he felt very strongly about motivating his people to greatness and gave them some ideas to ponder.

Soon after that, we had Shannon join us to create Victoria Stone, Dominion Medic. And she has been a very dynamic character from the start!

4. Victoria Stone, Dominion Medic

Though Sean traveled the cosmos with a NPC Medic in the first two sessions, the were joined by Victoria Stone in the third session. She started out of the gate with a bit of attitude, taking the Bandages and Hand-to-Hand traits to kick things off. In her very first mission, they pursued the Grey Men to one of the moons of Saturn, only to find themselves locked away in an alien prison. (Spoiler: They escaped!) But it was in the next session where I really saw where this character was headed.

Sean, Victoria, Jennifer, and Buddy, were asked to assist at a meeting between Dominion forces and the Skaali, a lizard-like race currently making their home on Venus. The team rescued a Skaali from the prison they escaped and “Bob” requested their presence during the proceedings. Good thing, too, because there was a terrorist attack on the base where the meeting was taking place!

The Medic sprang into action to help her teammates during the combat, but proved to be especially effective when interrogating the prisoners they took later. She gained the nickname “The Dentist” by removing a cyanide-filled tooth from one of their detainees after another one managed to perish at his own hands moments before. The second prisoner was not going to get off so easily and was interrogated by a contingent of Space Marines who came in to help mop up the operation.

In subsequent missions (as she leveled up), she took traits such as:

  • Medicine, so she was more able to help her fellow teammates when they needed medical attention.
  • Biology, so she had a better understanding of basic biological processes.
  • She went “Back to School” to gain an additional point of Education.
  • She won the Dominion Lottery and gained wealth (the Rich trait), so she would have better luck when making Purchase Rolls.
  • And she’s taken the Exo-Skeleton trait to be more effective in combat with a Power Punch!

These days, we’re no more likely to find Dr. Stone grappling with drones in dangerous situations and using her Exo-boosted Toughness than we are to find her trying to save the lives of those men, women, and aliens around her. And she’s constantly finding new in-game uses for things like poisons and toxins!

She’s a complex character and one that’s a lot of fun at our table.

Next time we’ll talk about our scientist, Astra, and the unique path THAT character has taken over the last few months.

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