Five Things about the Grey Men in Aliens & Asteroids

The Grey Men figure into the story of Aliens & Asteroids frequently, so I thought it was time to learn a bit more about these critters.

By Yasir999Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

1. They have always been here.

The Grey Men or just “Greys” seem to have been on the periphery of human experience for centuries on Earth. Even H.G. Wells wrote of them back in 1901 in his book The First Men in the Moon, calling them Selenites. He described them with big heads, grey skin, and large black eyes. And the Greys seemed to be at the center of the UFO craze of the mid-20th century, with citizens crying foul about government conspiracies to cover up the truth. Alien abductions. Experimentation. Flying saucers. Turned out those citizens were right about everything.

Though there have been attempts to make the term “Grey Men” more gender friendly as the “Greys”, there are no known reports of Grey females in the recorded history of the human species.

2. What do they want?

Turns out they want parts of the human species to keep their own failing bodies alive. In the last century, our scientists have pieced together enough data and observations to come up with a theory. They are a dying race determined to kidnap humans for the purposes of harvesting viable genetic material to keep their species from dying out entirely.

They tried to use cattle and other larger vertebrates to keep themselves from going extinct, but it turned out that human genetics were too good to pass up and a close match to their own. Anything they can take from us, they will. Organs. Tissue. Fluids. Bone. Skin. As a result, each Grey is a bit “Frankenstein’s Monster” in appearance, sewn together and biologically hacked through surgery.

3. Now they are just a nuisance.

In the early-22nd century, Dominion scientists discovered methods to detect Grey stealth technologies and the DSF turned the tide on the Grey’s war against us. We have been able to update our detection technologies to finally see them when they try to invade our space and it has made them more desperate and brazen as a result.

4. Those big heads are more than just for show.

Though our Dominion eggheads have had some luck in adapting some of the Greys’ alien technology, it has been extremely slow going over the last century. One scientist, Dr. Davis Halley of the Dominion Technological Agency (DTA), proposed a theory a few years ago about a different type of energy generated by their big brains.

“We’ve long suspected that we’ve missed something. We’ve even captured a few, but they tend to wither and die after only a few weeks of captivity so we have had fewer and fewer opportunities to conduct tests with updated equipment. But their DNA shows strands we can’t even begin to understand and the only organ that they never seem to touch with their extreme surgeries is their brain. What if they are using some sort of energy wavelength generated from within that massive cerebellum to control their technology? Can we somehow tap into that psychic energy?” – Dr. Davis Halley, DTA

Dr. Halley was silenced, publicly ridiculed, and never heard from again, but CONN reporters occasionally still write stories citing him as a primary source.  Perhaps the Grey’s secrets will never be known?

5. We will root them out.

We may not know where they called home once, but they seem to still harangue Dominion citizens wherever they can. And though we are hyper-vigilant, we can’t watch everywhere all the time. If you see Grey Men activity in your sector of space, report it immediately. Our highly trained DSF forces will investigate and deal with any situation as it arises.

Stay vigilant, citizens!


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