Setting Concept: The Veil

For as long as we can remember, there have always been myths and stories of magic and monsters. Some explain them away as ways to explore phenomena in the natural world or assuage the fears of the young and weak. Others know that stories are often based on the truth. They are the ones who were able to adapt when the Veil fell.

ManticoreApparently the Veil has always been there. An invisible boundary between our worlds. On our side, magic was replaced by reason. On their side, magic happened everywhere every day. Battles raged on both sides, but when the wall was down it all spilled over…

The beasts were the first to arrive. Harpies. Manticores. Worse.

And when the more intelligent creatures on the other side noticed what was happening, the floodgates opened. Dragons. Wizards. Elemental warlords.

We were nothing more than an easy meal to them. Lambs to the slaughter. Slaves for their armies.

It took months before there was an organized resistance, but from the beginning there were small groups fighting back. The losses were heavy, but we had no choice. We relied on those ancient tales, myths, and legends to guide us in how to defeat them.

Would we survive? Could we last until the Veil rose once more? Only time would tell…


This concept has haunted me for more than a decade, arising from a dream seeing wizards fighting tanks and winning. Though my ideas were initially to make it a modern vs. magic setting, it could easily be used in a game crossing generations such as Red Aegis from Vorpal Games (designers Matt & Brian R. James) would be very interesting. Imagine a campaign spanning millennia with different chapters fighting battles at various technological levels all the way along.

For information about Red Aegis, be sure to check out their Kickstarter. It sounds like it could definitely work since it covers “successive generations of heroes from the setting’s ancient past to the far future–from axe-wielding barbarians to space marines packing gravity hammers, and everything in between.”

But honestly just about any system could use the concept with a creative GM. 🙂

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