Set up to sell eBooks via RPGNow

Hi all!

Thanks to the nice folks at RPGNow (Thanks Zack!), Moebius Adventures has been set up to start distributing eBooks via the RPGNow/DriveThruRPGs program associated with

Sometime within the next 30 days, I expect to have a number of books available via RPNow, including:

  • Moebius Adventures Roleplaying Game Core Rules (pay PDF)
  • Moebius Adventures RPG Quick Reference (free PDF)
  • Moebius Adventures Core Rules Character Sheet (free PDF)
  • Moebius Adventures Module – The Brigade (free PDF)

After that, I hope to have a follow-on module available for sale to The Brigade, and then will have either Covert Directives or the Age of Phaedrus: The Heroes available with their various pieces as well.

So this is great news. Again, thanks to Zack at OneBookShelf (the parent of RPGNow/DriveThruRPG) and we’ll get this party started very soon!

Have a great weekend!


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