Session 0 in Action! Part 2

…how we got to the session 0! Part II

This time we will offer a bit more about how the groups got started and their Session 0’s we move on to the mid-week companions…

Group – Company of the Oncoming Storm – Weekday 5E D&D

This group started at the local game shop here in Moose Jaw called Game On! There was a mention of it on Facebook and in the store, but no real advertising.

gaming_dice-300x300To kick things off, we chose a Wednesday for the first day as that seemed like a good time. I was wondering if anyone would even show up to the first session to tell the truth, as I had not heard anything at all from anyone. But I was hopeful.

There were few details, but one thing people did know coming was that it was going to be a 5E D&D game. I wanted to support the store as well as the game to the best of my abilities.

From the first day of the session 0 at the store, we had a great turnout. The people showing up were such unique people with vibrant personalities. We had Robert (I), Amanda, Jesse, Charles, and Callum. I challenged everyone to make something they had not played beforehand, or at the very least not something they would regularly play.

  • Robert (I) created a Gnome Rogue was definitely going to be a thief type. Humourously enough, he ended up becoming an arcane trickster – but he is still a thief in action and heart.
  • Amanda made a human cleric which was a definite benefit. It seemed to suit her even though she said she never played one beforehand.
  • Jesse created a half-elven bard. I could see immediately there would be a lot of hooks available with him.
  • Charles made a human sorcerer and already had his background idea. It was only a matter of getting the locations down for his travels to where we were starting.
  • And Callum created a fighter from the Darklands. That added a good twist.

As all of them told me their rough ideas for character creation, I could tell it was going to be a great group. I helped them update their backstories and asked them to put down notes of what we were discussing, making sure they did not have to write pages. All I asked for was a few paragraphs so we had history, motivations, personality, appearance, objectives, and a few connections either on their character sheet or in their character synopsis. All the relevant things you can find in the articles about making a character with lots of dimension part I and Part II. We had so many different cultural types and it was very unique. Not one was similar and half of the group had travels in their history.

Halfling Monk from the Chronicle Character Codex ( went through any rules questions people had and there was confusion over the healing as listed in the book. I suggested we use the Classic D&D healing rules which everyone was in favour of. I brought up how I wanted the campaign to be a grittier, lower magic (for items at least) world with lots of roleplaying mixed with action to create a cinematic and epic experience. A place where the characters definitely matter but the world still moves around them. If they make the effort, they will be able to affect or even outright change outcomes. It is a living world was the point I was getting across and everyone was in favour of that too.

I explained to them about my world Kavallor and covered a bit more than what was needed just to get backgrounds figured out and what their characters would know based on general knowledge and how travelled and studious their characters were. We went over current events, rumours, and all the items that create adventure hooks down the road. We discussed the location where they are starting the campaign together in New Lyre’s Gate in Drachensweald, on the continent of Bluthryvn.

From there we quickly discussed the Campaign Charter as there were no rules listed at the store anywhere. The Campaign Charter we use has been made over decades of playing and making sure that everyone is an equal at the table and that everyone is treated well. We will discuss this in another article soon as I believe mutual respect is important and sometimes in a situation where you have not known someone for years, let alone months, it could be an issue.


They were a very fast group and we even roleplayed a bit of their travels to get together. Then we roleplayed the meeting of the companions.

After the store closed we chatted outside for well over an hour and a half. Talk about an easy to get along with group! We were able to chat about some of the directions they wanted their characters to go in and what kinds of adventures they like in addition to just chatting and quickly becoming friends.

Next week we would be able to play easily.

Unexpected Surprises…

RPG DiceThe very next night I was surprised when William and Randy gave me a call and were going to be right over. It was after 7 and I still had about an hour of mowing to finish the lawn as it was going to storm tomorrow. I called Robert (I) over to help me create their characters and I was going to need help due to daylight. I had the tent trailer set up and did not want to be inside the house when I could be outside enjoying the beautiful weather … without mosquitoes.

Robert was over before they were and got them started with the basics of what goes on the character sheet. We were able to get their characters created before it was dark. When it was all said and done, they created an elven ranger and a human paladin.

Final thoughts

We started the campaign like any other with session 0’s and had some laughs while going through the creation process.

I could see such a great spark when they all started working together during the creation process. Each of them had an idea of what they wanted to create already. We had a rogue, cleric, bard, sorcerer, ranger, paladin, and a fighter.

The party has changed since then, but I felt this article was best left with how the group started.

Until next time fellow roleplayers … may you live in interesting times!

Keith R. Byers, A.Sc.T., Esq.

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