Send in the Drones, Part 3

So far we’ve talked about methods of locomotion and different functional approaches to creating drones in Aliens & Asteroids, but what about the pointy end? Weapons are probably going to be one of those crazy areas that really keep players thinking creatively and trying different things as bigger and badder villains emerge on the scene.

We have quite a few to choose from already, from good old knives and pistols on up, but I want to talk about some of the crazier ideas that we’ve had show up during discussions so far.

Early on in the most recent round of playtesting, we had a player design a drone that could disassemble itself and lob itself at the enemy. Though this would be largely a one-shot approach each encounter it was employed, I think it was phenomenal. He merged the idea that one drone could split into multiple drones and then launch one of those into combat.

Let’s look at this more closely. If a drone has more than one trait and the “divide and conquer” trait is among them, it can break itself down into smaller parts with a minimum of one trait each. So if a drone has three traits, it could divide into three separate pieces.

For example, if a drone has Melee Weapon (Blade), Lob Weapon, and Divide and Conquer, it could break off part of itself and launch a mobile bladed mini-drone into combat. Add the Melee (Spin) trait and you end up with a spinning blade of death dancing through a crowd of enemies. Add the Self-Destruct trait and if things got really out of hand you could blow it up.

Originally I had the concept that a drone could lob grenades into combat with “Lob Weapon,” but this was a fantastic bit of out-of-the-box thinking really opened my eyes to just how flexible some of these traits could be in combination.

There have been other crazy things to go on with drones during playtesting — but I have to say this is my favorite example so far. I am really looking forward to seeing just how creative folks get!

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