Second Chances and Easter Wishes from Moebius Adventures

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday, a wandering Spring holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ in the Christian faith. Though I’m not a religious person, I feel that it’s as much about second chances and hope for an uncertain future as anything else, which is not lost on me. (Where the bunny comes into it is beyond me, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the occasional chocolate rabbit.)


Floydworkx Easter Alien –

In our games, every session is a chance to begin again. Sure, sometimes we play in campaigns that span years with stories that span lifetimes and sometimes we play in those one shots that don’t go any further. Regardless, each time we get to the table we come together to tell a new story and share that experience. For me, that constant renewal offers a fantastic opportunity to play with friends and family, explore worlds of excitement and adventure, and exercise my creativity.

I’m not saying that every session is a home run, but it has the potential to be. Maybe (to use a baseball analogy), we get through an inning and didn’t make any progress. Perhaps we stranded some players on base. Maybe we even hit a batter with a ball and cleared the bench for a brawl. It’s not always pretty. Hopefully it doesn’t come to blows during any tabletop RPG sessions. But I’ve been in a few games over the last 30+ years that have devolved into shouting matches from time to time.

Sometimes we have to change teams to find a place we really fit in. Groups evolve, devolve, and change over time. Change is the only constant in life, but hope springs eternal and hopefully you will be lucky enough to find a new group to play with and make new friends.

And when you hit a home run in a campaign, it leaves a memory that lasts forever. Some of those moments we chase the rest of our lives, attempting to capture that lightning in a bottle again. But like everything else – those moments change over time and we value different aspects of the role-playing experience at different times in our lives.

Sure, I’m mixing analogies here and it’s not my best work – but Spring is a time when the world comes back to life, at least around here. Every game session can potentially be a time of rebirth and renewal. New campaigns. New characters. New rules systems. New approaches to role-playing or rules. New players or GMs. And all with a sense of hope and excitement.

So hopefully you had a happy Easter – but in this time of seasonal change and renewal, I hope you’ll see your game as a wellspring of hope, fun, and creativity like I do!

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2 thoughts on “Second Chances and Easter Wishes from Moebius Adventures”

  1. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Rampant mixed analogies alert! 😀

    The bunny/egg themes I believe were absorbed into Easter during Roman Empire times to make it more palatable to convert to Christianity. (I could easily be off on that.)

    An interesting topic is the value and cost of resurrection in a campaign setting. Some settings/systems have it, others have character death be a permanent thing.

    1. @forged – Resurrection would definitely an interesting concept. In an age when OSR ideals (such as permadeath) are coming back into play, definitely something to ponder. I always liked the concept of reincarnation as well. Hmmm. Food for thought. 🙂

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