Rules Revamp After 15 Years… (Seeking advice and war stories about playtesting)

After 15 years or so of working on the Moebius Adventures system as we designed it way back when, it’s nice to have your eyes opened by intelligent players who can provide constructive criticism from a different perspective. Instead of approaching the game as a static memorial to a fallen comrade, it should remain vibrant and alive as Sean would have wanted it. (You can see some of the previous playtest articles here, here, and here.)

Rules TextUsing these simplified and revamped rules, I’m going to go back to my “Wizardry 101” concept and see how things shape up with a built-in, quick start set of rules for combat as well as how to handle some introductory magical concepts. Once I get the quick start rules module written, I’ll apply it to a slightly tweaked sample adventure and throw it out there so I can playtest some more and ask you kind folks to look at it and provide feedback as well.

Does anyone have any war stories about playtests? I’m interested in first-hand testing as well as testing from outside groups. I hope to learn from these stories and maybe even write up an article on best practices if I get enough feedback.

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Either leave me a comment here or send me an e-mail at fitz (at) moebiusadventures (dot) com. I’d love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Rules Revamp After 15 Years… (Seeking advice and war stories about playtesting)”

  1. I have a long term player group and as such can be pretty stark about new rules. If they are rubbish, they’ll tell me. One of the biggest bits of feedback I got was back in 1994 when one of my best friends told me the number system didn’t matter, Icar was entirely built around the background and what was in my head. At the time, it was like having my heart ripped out. Some other players rallied to my defense but I knew it was true, the Icar system (version 2) left a lot to be desired.

    So when I got to Uni that year, I changed it. The whole damn system. The setting remained as-is but the system changed entirely. I decided to make something new.

    Something I wish I had done back then was ready more RPGs by other people first. Do some research – that way I could have seen what all the different styles of play were available and I would have reached an equilibrium with the system much quicker. I recommend researching very much.
    .-= Rob Lang´s last blog ..How to turn your stock fantasy RPG into a unique delight =-.

    1. @Rob Lang – Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been doing some research already and hope to have some playtest-worthy rules soon, but things aren’t quite ready for public consumption yet. Thanks for the advice!

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