#RPGaDay – Convention topics, Days 14 & 15

So days 14 and 15 of the #RPGaDay effort focus on convention games, which makes a ton of sense with Gen Con starting up this week. 🙂

Genghis Con - Tacticon - DGAIt’s tough for me to write about some of the convention topics when I’ve really not been to any big gaming conventions. My first real gaming convention was Genghis Con (put on by the awesome folks at the Denver Gamers Association) a couple of years ago where I got to talk to Crafty Games own Pat Kapera (and play SpyCraft 3.0) and play some Pathfinder in the world of NeoExodus (from Louis Porter Jr. Design) courtesy of JP Chapleau. And over the summer I attended Denver Comic Con, but that also wasn’t exactly a gaming convention (though there were gaming events that I didn’t have an opportunity to attend.)

Many moons ago, back in college, I would travel from Fort Collins down to Aurora to attend StarCon and StarFest – which were more like Comic Con. Mixes of fantasy and science fiction, movies, television, comics, and books. I remember standing in line for hours to watch panels with Star Trek celebs, watch premieres of cartoons like Batman the Animated Series, and tidbits of Bram Stoker’s Dracula spoken about passionately by Francis Ford Coppola.

Back then I was young, passionate, and could handle crowds. Yeah – crowds. I’m not a huge fan of large numbers of folks pressing in on me. That’s not going to stop me from heading to a few conventions in the next few years however.

Gen Con LogoFirst on the list has to be Gen Con of course. I’ve wanted to go to that since I heard about it back in college. Every year I say I’m going to plan on going and then something comes up. I just need to make hotel reservations a year in advance and bite the bullet. Moebius Adventures is almost 2 years old now (hard to believe) and I want to spread the creative gospel (so to speak) and press the flesh with some of the designers I’ve had the pleasure of reading for years.

Second on the list is Gary Con. Why? Because it’s in the memory of Gary Gygax, that’s why! Plus, my friend George Fields might as well be a rock star there, the way he tells it. 🙂

Third on the list is the San Diego Comic Con. Sure, I know it doesn’t involve much gaming – but I want to go just once to say that I survived that insanity.

And fourth on the list is PaizoCon because that’s where much of my Gamer Assembly friends gather every year in Boston.

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that I can come up with on the fly.

I have yet to purchase anything too exciting that I’ve played at a convention (Tokaido and Little Wizards were picked up at Genghis but I haven’t played either). My minimal gameplay needs to be corrected. And I have tons of people I’d like to meet in person.

That said, I wouldn’t know the first thing about being a vendor at a convention, so that scares the bejeezus out of me. But as a regular attendee I think I’d probably have a good time.

My wife has even mentioned she’d like to go with me and the girls to a convention when we go. That will be an interesting time. But I would love to share more gaming insanity with my family. It would be a bonding experience!

So that’s probably more than anybody ever wanted to know about my lack of game convention experience – but it’s good to get it all out there in the open. Perhaps I will at last find my way to a Gen Con next year? Who knows…

But I do look forward to hearing all the crazy stories about THIS year’s Gen Con. 🙂

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