RPG Blog Carnival: Are we there yet? – Wrapping up

What a month! We had some great posts from a few folks and I appreciate every single one of them! If you missed the kick-off back on May 1st, check it out here — but let’s take a look at what our goal was and how we did, shall we?

If you forgot, we hosted the May 2020 RPG Blog Carnival and asked folks to write about the journey (“Are we there yet?”) and how to make it better for our PCs.

So let’s see what came out of that question!

Codex Anathema

Gonz over at Codex Anathema liked the idea so much, he wrote a couple of posts about adventuring in Eberron:

  • Come Where May summed up the previous months’ carnival focusing on the “Corners of the Multiverse”
  • Why do you Travel? started by putting the focus on player agency, giving roles and skill challenges to the PCs to keep them engaged (thanks to a great video from The Dungeon Coach!). And the post then dives into some different reasons to travel — Exploration, Prospecting, Transport, and Assault — all within the crazy realm of Eberron!
  • Lightning on the Roof! continued the ride and in the process gave us a fight on the roof of a train, complete with ideas like getting caught in the lightning atop one of these cool lightning-fueled trains or falling off and being left in the dust!
  • And Fire on the Sky! took us flying with the Lyrandar airship before crashing it into the ground.

Remind me never to get on an airship or a train in Gonz’s campaigns!

Drake and Dice

And Drake over at Drake and Dice took us from random encounters along the journey in a 5e campaign to assigning roles along the way, leading to encounters or other ways to having a stake in the journey… and using downtime around a campfire to tell a story about their character and gain a bit of Inspiration in the process… and the ever popular skill challenge migrated over from 4th edition. Yes, you too might find some new tools to “steal” for your own games in Are We There Yet: 3 Ways to Make Travel Exciting in Your D&D 5e Game!

And Right Here…

I couldn’t very well skip my own carnival, could I? HA!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels
  • In the kick-off post, I talked about the concept of “fifteen minutes from anywhere…”
  • Then I introduced a new way to get around the universe in Aliens & Asteroids with the Gollus Gravity Warp Drive (GGWD) in Space. It’s Big. How do we travel it without drowning in detail?
  • And from there I popped into a topic I both love and hate: hex maps. I think they work in some cases, but not so great in space. So in Fie on Hexes, Fie! I talk about Traveller’s use of hexes and my own woeful attempts at a galactic map!


Thanks for reading and participating! That wraps things up for us — but don’t worry, you have a new topic to sink your creative teeth into!

In June, you get to write about Organizations in the carnival hosted by the great folks at Expanding Frontier! I may have to dabble in some organization ideas myself before the month is out!

If you are curious about other blog carnivals from the past (or future), I encourage you to check out the archive at of Dice and Dragons . There you’ll find all sorts of inspiration, big and small!

Thanks folks! Hope you are staying safe, healthy, and getting some gaming in!

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