Rivergate Campaign Begins…

Last night we started our once a week online campaign for Immortals’ Wake: Rivergate and once again, WR&M proves worthy of admiration. Concept to character in less than 5 minutes.

Unfortunately that’s as far as we went, but let me introduce the two characters… My friends Kevin and Mike are the only two players in the campaign at this point, but hopefully we’ll attract others over time.

Kevin created what he calls a “Marine” – basically a tough sailor used to doing battle at sea. Not your average sailor.

Name: Looyis (pronounced like “Lewis”), or Loo for short
Description: 5’3″, close cropped blond hair, full beard, scar from above left ear to just under left eye (sword cut)
Stats: Warrior: 5, Mage: 3, Rogue 2
Skills: Athletics (Warrior), Swords (Warrior), Awareness (Mage)
Talent: Sailor
HP: 11
Fate: 2
Mana: 6
Defense: 8
Equipment: Sword, Dagger (x2), Adventurer’s Kit, Iron Rations (2 weeks), Backpack, Torch (x5), Leather Armor
Money: 184 sp left over

And Mike created a sailing buddy who has some woodworking skills…

Name: Neb
Description: TBD
Stats: Warrior: 3, Rogue: 5, Mage: 2
Skills: Bows (Rogue), Daggers (Rogue), Acrobatics (Rogue)
Talent: Craftsman (Wood)
HP: 9
Fate: 5
Mana: 4
Defense: 8
Equipment: Adventurer’s Kit, Backpack, Woodworking Tools, 2 sets of clothing (1 normal, 1 travel), Bow, 20 Arrows, 4 Daggers, and Leather Armor
Money: 166 sp left over

These two sailors have just disembarked on the docks of Rivergate’s Docktown and are going to figure out what they’re doing next… when we meet again next week.

So there you have it. We’ve started! Let’s see if we can continue the trend and figure out what kind of trouble Loo and Neb may get into in future sessions.

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