Revenge on My Mind

Starting work on the Revenge of the Serpent Queen project, I have begun working my way through a bit of design work as far as the rough structure goes.

Each of the Lost Age Adventures so far has been a series of six to ten encounters, from an introduction to the aftermath. ROSQ will definitely follow a similar pattern, but I’m struggling a bit with the flow…

Here’s a bit of background… (Beware – SPOILERS!)

Pit of Snakes (from Serpents Below), art by Mickey Fitzpatrick

Pit of Snakes (from Serpents Below), art by Mickey Fitzpatrick

In The Snake’s Heart, a cult is working to return the Serpent Queen to the world. She has been locked away in her interdimensional prison, biding her time and waiting for her inevitable escape. Her cults are working towards that goal. Naroa, the cult leader, has offered the requisite blood sacrifices to start that process. The PCs, if they were successful, put a stop to it.

That put the PCs squarely on her radar.

In Serpents Below, the PCs are drawn into a battle between a growing tribe of serpent people who worship the Serpent Queen and a local village. The serpent people would have been content to have stayed hidden from the world until their queen told them it was time to do her bidding. Again, the PCs, if they are successful, put a stop to it.

This didn’t please the Queen either.

And now, the PCs are nearing a grand market where the strange dimensions of the universe overlap and the Queen sees an opportunity to not only return to the world, but get her revenge on these troublesome mortals causing her and her people so much trouble.

How do the PCs come to the market? Perhaps they have been searching for a place to sell the jewel at the Snake’s Heart or some of the other loot gained in other adventures, but one thing is certain – this is the place to come if you are looking to buy something in particular. It is centrally located and full of people from all over… including some extradimensional beings like the Queen from time to time. She’s not the only visitor though, so I look forward to sharing some my crazy ideas for this place.

Once they’re there, I have some fun things in store including three transformative scenes where the Queen and her minions get some new chances to get their revenge.

So I’m hopeful it’s a fun adventure. I think a good portion of the book will be detailing the market, so hopefully that’s worthwhile as a setting piece for some folks as well as the actual encounters. But we’ll see…

I’m tempted to reveal a bit about each encounter as I work on it… Are you interested as this progresses? Or would you rather just be surprised at the end?

By the way, I included just the barest portion of the amazing piece of art I have from Del Teigeler in the header for this post… He did a fantastic job with the Queen and I look forward to revealing her in all her glory down the line… If you’re interested in more of his work – check it out at his blog here.


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