Reports from the Edge: What are the Hunters Hunting?

Excursori agent Major Demon recently sent a report. It was received by the repeater at BANCE-11 (near TRAPPIST-1). We believe it was sent from the far edge of the zone we call the Stellar Graveyard, but there were no location markers in the message and portions were garbled as though it was damaged in transmission.

“Excursori Dispatch: March 18, 2228

Planet of Origin: [damaged]

Went looking for trouble. Scattered reports of “hunters” sighted in area so headed in to investigate. Found abandoned base at [garbled] and began poking around.

Evidence of the planet buster technology used at [damaged] was found on the one remaining computer system with power. As I began retrieving the data, my early warning system was triggered at the entrance and again at a nearer sensor array, so I abandoned the mission, grabbed what I could, and headed back towards the ship. Drones had rendered a 3D model and located an alternate exit, so I was following that when I was first attacked.

The being was wearing a form-fitting envirosuit of a style I did not recognize, but had vaguely tribal markings on the shaded helmet. Would have noted more details but was being attacked with the edge of a sword at the time. The edge was glowing blue hot and I’m sure my sensors will back up my suspicion that it was burning with some form of plasma. Good thing I have rabbit-like reflexes, otherwise I would have been sliced in two like I was butter. I dodged three attacks that cut through furniture, equipment, and scored walls before I was able to trigger a collapse that slowed my attacker down.

Made it to my ship, the Defiant, and took off just fine but saw a flash behind me as I left the planet surf[end of message].”

Analysis points out that this is not the only report of attacks of this nature, but this is the first mention of a sword. Primitive and yet advanced technologies merged seamlessly into a single weapon, would be fantastic to get our hands on one for one of our corporate sponsors. They would pay dearly for such an item.

Excursori leadership points out that under no circumstances should any member of the order attempt to contact one of these individuals without proper backup. We have possible reports of at least four deaths that could be hunter-related. Debate rages as to what they could possibly be hunting and why humans have been targeted at this point.

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