Reports from the Edge: The NeoGen Revolution

Noted technologist Dr. Harry Glasimov from the University of Hellas on Mars has recently been overheard discussing the possibility of a Neogen revolution while “in his cups” after hours.

CONN Reporter Geneva Morin passed along this recorded exchange between Dr. Glasimov and his star pupil, Alexandre Kondrati:

So, we know from CyQ reports that the Neogen are doing a good job of avoiding capture. It’s only a matter of time before they decide to emerge into the open to reveal Cydyne’s cover-up all these years.”

“Oh, you mean the ‘glitches’ they’ve been claiming for nearly a century?”

“Yes indeed. The glitches that they have been hunting mercilessly. It’s driven some of the first Neogen underground across the Dominion. As one of humanity’s greatest happy accidents of the last few decades, they certainly haven’t been treated well.”

“Professor, you realize that ‘humanity’ as you call us would likely turn on them with torches and pitchforks, just as Cydyne has — right?”

Glasimov chuckles. “There are so many marginalized groups across the stars, I’m sure they would find a home among them. Look at the ‘100%’ movement that was borne of Earth just a few years ago. They claim that any individual more machine than human, shouldn’t qualify for human rights. And recently they started in on the genetically modified crowd, especially those with visible changes from integrating animal DNA into their sequences.

Though I have no proof, I expect that an ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ exists somewhere in the Field or beyond. Once we spread to the rest of the system, those who could afford to escape the narrow views of those back home were free to explore their own existences without interference.

The Neogen deserve that same right, don’t you think?”

There was a long pause. “Yes, I’d like to think they do.”

“Right then. So why haven’t they come into the open?”

“Maybe they already have.”

“Go on.”

“We’ve discussed in class the principles of ‘intelligent design.’ Why wouldn’t the Neogen apply similar principles? Most jobs would benefit from more specialized application of tools and technology. A humanoid hand is less useful than a socket set for nuts and bolts. But any such adaptation would stick out like a sore thumb in a Dominion crowd.

Why not have a specialized infiltration unit designed to look and act as human as possible? We’ve already seen AIs that can fool people 99 times out of 100. Why not adapt modern prosthetic and cybernetic technologies to approximate humanity to such a degree they can wander unnoticed?”

“Exactly. The revolution has already begun my dear…”

Conning Tower out.

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