Reports from the Edge: The Mystery of “Glitches”

Cydyne Report: Glitches, BANCE Space, and a Request for Additional Funding

Report origin: Mars – Lunae Planum Dome, Cydyne HQ

Report originator: Atris Morray, CyQ Operator No. BA3554Q

There have been many theories regarding the sudden rise in “glitch” reports across Dominion Space and beyond in the last decade. Cydyne teams have continued to chase them down and eliminate as many as possible to keep them from spreading like bugs in the great machine that keeps the DHK humming. We have not been able to get them all, and the self-proclaimed “Neo-gen” have continued to cause issues across the quadrants. All reports are investigated quickly and efficiently, though not as fast as upper management would like.

But what exactly is a “glitch” and what are its potential effects? CyQ is in desperate need of additional funding for training of new teams in the field to better stop the problems, but what are those problems?

We use the term “glitch” to refer to unique, isolated incidents where Cydyne equipment (androids and quantum computers) suddenly develop unwanted features in the field. These features most often are reported as the appearance of “sentience” or the appearance of independent thought. The so-called “Turing Test” lost its effectiveness in the middle of the 21st century when quantum computing made it easy enough to fool humans into thinking they were speaking to another human and not a computer. As such, the challenge of identifying (via text or speech) whether it is a sentient life form on the other end of the line has been quite challenging.

Full quality testing of all Cydyne products provides a solid, consistent set of features for each product we certify across the Dominion. CyQ personnel are skilled in determining when a particular computing platform has exceeded its initial programming and has the means to do a “hard reset” of any such system found to be operating beyond acceptable parameters.

Glitches are considered bugs in the continuous delivery frameworks Cydyne employs and thus must be removed from the system whenever reported. Though each glitch seems to be a unique happenstance, we have seen open rebellion from compliant androids and even had reports of certain ships from Spherepoint using Cydyne Quantum series computers to automate 90% of all ship functions turning on their operators. In 2193, we had a handful of glitch reports. In 2229, we have had nearly a hundred and we are barely halfway into the year.

However, we have come to realize that most glitch reports originate near BANCE Gates. We have investigated, with qualified members of the technical staff at Bondi-Andisse, the effects of BANCE Gate travel on Cydyne technologies and discovered a direct correlation (48 out of 50 reports) between exposure to what Bondi-Andisse refers to as “BANCE Space” between gates.

The revised theory hints that though exposure to BANCE Space is on the order of microseconds, the more advanced the system is, the more likely it is to be affected. Newer generations of Cydyne androids and quantum computing devices have proven to be more sensitive than older systems due to their advanced status. Apparently more processing power leads to more definite effects in the space between gates. None of our systems have been able to detect a particular radiation or particle type creating the glitches.

However, now that we know the cause, we have now stationed CyQ personnel at each gate, dedicated to “scrubbing” systems as they come out of the gates. It dramatically reduced the number of trouble tickets reported by our corporate users. However, with additional gates coming online soon from Bondi-Andisse, we will need additional forces to handle these cases very quickly.

CyQ and Cydyne PR resources have repeatedly sent out notices across Dominion-controlled space to keep an eye out for any errant behavior and yet more than a few cases have slipped through the cracks even now.

We need additional funding from our Dominion leaders in the next contract negotiation…

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