Random Plots for your Gaming Pleasure

Over the last year, I’ve slipped away from the random generator roots that Moebius Adventures was famous for in the first couple of years we were back in business. Though adventures, classes, and games are awesome, I’d like to get back to offering a bit more randomness here on the website every so often.

Here are three random plots I came up with recently that you can feel free to steal, modify, or mangle as you wish:

  • A smuggler of holy artifacts asks the PCs for help. Help which ultimately becomes protecting the smuggler from a group of assassins seeking the return of something he/she stole. The assassins give the PCs a choice. Hand over the smuggler. Or help them retrieve the item and return it to them. Of course, that may require stealing it from a collector who thinks they purchased the item fair and square…
  • An old priest seeks the PCs’ help to retrieve a particular ingredient needed for a ritual to save a young child from a horrible fate. She is slowly being petrified due to a disease something like Mummy Rot or like the effects of a gorgon’s stare. The only way to stop the progression of the disease is to find a rare flower that grows at the top of a plateau at the edge of the world. The priest leaves out the fact that the plateau happens to be home to a group of wild monsters who will be none too pleased that their home is being invaded…
  • A comet streaks across the sky and a local King asks the PCs to follow its journey across their world. That path leads them straight across the lairs of giant creatures who only awake when the energy of this comet is present. They have been asleep so long that they are overgrown with plants and rocks, seen as part of the landscape.  These beasts have been sleeping for centuries and are well rested, ready to cause some havoc…

These plots might work in genres other than fantasy, so I’d be curious how you use them if you get a chance!

Stay tuned for more of these!

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