While working on the idea for a new product, I came up with a method of generating a collection of three main ideas – a location, a plot, and a subject – to help inspire an encounter or story seed.

Though I could continue using my spreadsheet and a random number generator to poll those three tables and come up with a set of keywords, I decided it would be best if I came up with a quicker and easier method. Thus, this random generator was born!

Here’s your descriptive elements (Location, Plot, and Subject):

Based on these results, try to compose a description that suits your needs or inspires your writing. If the combination is nonsensical, refresh the page and try again.

As a few examples of what I have come up with so far:

  • mysterycove

    Mystery Cove by j4p4n – OpenClipart.org

    (Cliff/Blackmail/Lover) In the seaside town of Luro, a ghost has often been seen diving from a high cliff to the rocks below. The legend tells of a warrior returned from battle only to find his true love captured by a ruthless enemy. This proud warrior sacrificed himself to save his lover, never knowing if s/he actually was released.

  • (Elsewhere/Disaster/Creature) On the edge of the Waste lay the village of Enar like a lone watchman guarding the border. The people know that eventually their town will fall prey to the creeping death they live beside, but are unprepared for the agents of chaos that work on the Waste’s behalf. A trio of creatures emerges from the haze to systematically destroy each towns person and demolish each structure, slowly removing each to some unknown place back in the Waste. When the last person falls and the last brick and board disposed of, they move on to take the next place they find…
  • (Ocean/Terror/Family) The city of Athin lay on the Bay of Nereid, which opens wide into the Eternal Sea. And though the people are nice enough, there’s a palpable strangeness that sits like an invisible fog over everything and everyone. A merchant family is seeking brave adventurers to stop the madness that overcomes them once every generation. They want to break the cycle of walking into the water and returning days later with no memory of what has transpired, only a vague notion that they have done horrible things.
  • (Mountain/McGuffin/Sailor) You meet a sailor in the port town of Rothris who asks you to take an item he found on the furthest island in the Eternal Sea and deposit atop the highest peak of the Eende mountains – Mount Morven, rumored to be so tall as to scrape the moon each night it crosses the sky. The item radiates strange energies and has a destiny, he says, to shine across the world…
  • (Church/Protect/Orphan) As you pass the Church of Nyte, a severely wounded priest steps from the shadows holding a bundle wrapped in a blanket imploring you to protect the child with your life. He then dies in a puddle of blood on the street, but not before you are attacked by a group of robed warriors seemingly bent on destroying the child at all costs.

The lists of keywords in the three tables polled will grow over time, so check back to get inspiration whenever you might need it!

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