The Little Spaces: Scary Basements generator simulates going through the process of rolling on the three different tables: the Sense table, the Descriptive Element table, and the Sense Descriptor table in that product. From these tables you can create a collection of terms with a little context to inspire your writing a little.

little-spaces-scary-basements-cover-232x300In this case, it’s about that might appear in a creepy basement, a haunted dungeon, or even that horrible space under the bed… You can use the descriptive elements to see what’s there that’s interesting and come up with some text that describes it to offer some sensory feedback.

For example, if you end up with “Smell [Sense]: Furniture [Descriptive Element]- Lumpy [Sense Descriptor]” you might come up with:

“You stumble into what must be a padded couch in the darkness as you feel your way around. The smell is what gets you however. There’s a musty, metallic odor rising from the fabric or the pillows that reminds you of dried blood…”

Here’s your descriptive elements (one or more will appear in a list below):

Based on these results, try to compose a description that suits your needs or inspires your writing. If the combination is nonsensical, refresh the page and try again.

Be sure to check out the full Little Spaces: Scary Basements product to see the full range of descriptive terms and phrases.

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