Little Spaces: Abandoned Places offers a collection of four tables to offer inspiration to describe a the next lost place your PCs stumble into. You can get hints to help you figure out what or who is there for them to find… It starts by determining which sense you use for the description, then deciding what element you’re describing and gaining some sensory detail about that element.

Little Spaces: Abandoned Places coverAs a taste of this project, I’ve pulled together a small random generator that simulates going through the process. It rolls on three basic tables: the Sense table, the Descriptive Element table, and the Sense Descriptor table. From these tables you can create a collection of terms with a little context to inspire your writing a little.

In this case, it’s about those abandoned spaces your PCs are always heading off to. Let’s say your group is wandering the wilderness looking for a place rumored to exist long ago. You can use the descriptive elements to see what’s there that’s interesting and come up with some text that describes it to offer some sensory feedback.

For example, if you’re describing a strange hidden area whose only clues are marked by miniature markers in a mossy field (Touch/Marker/Miniature) you might get…

“The stories told of how to get to this place all involve a hidden path through a mossy field. You must get on your hands and knees to find a series of crystalline markers showing the way.”

For more details, check out the design post on this project with additional examples here.

Here’s your descriptive elements (one or more will appear in a list below):

Based on these results, try to compose a description that suits your needs or inspires your writing. If the combination is nonsensical, refresh the page and try again.

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