Random Generators Galore

Hey all…

Just stumbled upon a great RPG/writing resource that lists between 25-35 different random generators for a variety of things, including, but not limited to:

  • Female names (French, Japanese)
  • Male names (French, Japanese)
  • Medieval Names
  • Trendy Names
  • Gnomish Names
  • And a variety of other name generators

And then there’s these lovely numbers:

  • Detailed Character Generator
  • Character Description Generator
  • Place Name Generator
  • City Generator
  • Chinese Restaurant Name Generator (love this one)
  • Fictional War Generation (really!)
  • Cuss-o-matic
  • Plot Twist Generator

And many others…

This lovely resource is here… Check it out! I’ll also be adding it to my resources link list…

Until next time…


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