Raging debates…

Hi all…

As a one man shop, I’m starting to consider my options going forward. Though I think Covert Directives is probably a good bet that would sell better than the Core Rules book (more crunch there), I’m having a tough time keeping interest in it.

I’m sure Sean would understand if I switched to a different product I felt more passionately about, such as Immortals’ Wake. So I think I’m going to flip over and work on that as the next product. Completely blows my plan out of the water, but since I haven’t had much luck getting anybody to look at or review the book, I’m going to change gears and go back to a topic I love and can get engaged in again.

Hopefully this doesn’t disappoint anybody out there. But there’s only so much bandwidth I have and if I don’t feel passionate about CD, it’s not going to turn out well for me or anyone who wants to read it.

So let me know what you think. If you think this is a bad idea or not, I’d be interested in your opinion.

Thanks in advance!


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