Prophecies from the Pit of Serpents (Prophecies & Omens RPG Blog Carnival)

Phil over at Tales of a GM has been running this month’s RPG Blog Carnival all about Prophecies & Opens and they’ve had some fantastic entries so far. But it gives me an opportunity to provide another glimpse into the strange abilities some members of the Cult of the Serpent Queen have at their disposal in the world of the Lost Age.

When you join the cult, you are bitten by the Sinnix Serpent, a symbol of the Serpent Queen herself. Every member is marked by this “snake kiss” as a result. But not all of the chosen are created equal. Some become priests who can commune with their Goddess. Others are granted the ability to see into the future in a very unique way.

The poison of the Sinnix Serpent, depending on the age and power of the serpent itself, has magical properties long known to herbalists and priests. Some have found ways to milk these snakes and turn the venom into potions to cure all manner of diseases. But some seem particularly attuned to its magical properties. When bitten multiple times and given a huge dose of poison, these individuals can see beyond our world into the winds of time and catch glimpses of what is to come.

These “Seers” of the cult are known to keep hundreds of serpents in a pit that they crawl into when it’s time. They crawl in to hand feed their pets and it is their pets who decide when they are to see the future, as dictated by the Goddess itself.

This ability is not taken lightly, and the Seers are revered by the cult, seen as blessed by the Goddess with an uncountable number of “snake kisses” to mark them forever.

Recent prophecies from Seer Qijian of the Den of Kree, Chosen of the Goddess, include:

  • An explosion of light
  • A human in the dark
  • A battle in the steam

She has not been able to provide details on any of these beyond these glimpses, but hopes to gain more insight on her next scheduled visit to the pit.

For more about the carnival, be sure to check off the kick-off post and all the other follow-ups at Tales of a GM! And stay tuned this year for more about the Cult of the Serpent Queen in 2017 as we release expanded versions of The Snake’s Heart, Serpents Below, and the final Revenge of the Serpent Queen!

And for the RPG Blog Carnival Archive, be sure to take a look at the page maintained by Johnn Four at Roleplaying Tips!

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