Designer: Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick
One Spot #2: Angar's Magic Shoppe
Art: Jason “Bandit” Adams, William C. Pfaff, Mykayla Fitzpatrick
Page Count: 2
Release Date: September 03, 2013

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No matter what system you use for your games, being a game master is a perilous pastime. As soon as the players arrive with their PCs at the ready, your well-formulated plans can go off-the-rails at a moment’s notice. If you have somewhere to put the PCs for a bit while you ponder your options, it can smooth things out considerably.

If you’re in need of such a location on short notice, One Spot is for you! Each product in the line focuses on a different location you can easily drop into any fantasy town or city. Instantly you have a place with NPCs, descriptive text, plot hooks, and more to give you the tools you need to quickly populate a place your PCs can interact with.

One Spot #2 presents a bookstore called Angar’s Magic Shoppe, complete with a bookseller (the height-challenged but brilliant Angar Bossz), store map, images, and more. One Spot #2: Angar’s Magic Shoppe is another great tool to include in your bag of GM tricks!

One Spot #2: Angar’s Magic Shoppe offers:

* An introduction, location description, bookstore map, and image of the sign on the window.
* A bit of background on Angar Bossz himself, his mannerisms, and a picture.
* Descriptions for the other NPCs involved in operating the store, including his assistant Radu and the store cat Iago.
* A suggestion of how Angar operates, what he can offer, and how he deals with customers.
* A list (16 items) of strange books and items Angar may have in stock.
* A list of hooks (4 tables of hints) for how one or more of the PCs may have interacted with the bookstore before.



“Where this will be most useful for a potentially derailed campaign are over 15 items that could potentially be found in the store and each could inevitably lead to an interesting story hook or side quest…”
Rob @


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