The Snake's Heart - A Lost Age Adventure

Bandits! Kidnapped children! Ancient evil!

As our heroes head past the small village of Elhann, they find themselves drawn into a battle that could lead to the end of the world… A local bandit is kidnapping children from this and other villages – but why? Will our heroes get to the bottom of the mystery before it’s too late?


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The Snake’s Heart is a short adventure for use with Swords & Wizardry and other old-school fantasy role-playing games. Designed for 3-6 player characters of 2nd-3rd level, this module provides material for a session of adventure and includes one new monster. It also serves as an entry into the world of the Lost Age…

This is the first collaboration between Moebius Adventures and Wild Games Productions!

Swords & Wizardry, S&W, WhiteBox, and Mythmere Games are the trademarks of Matthew J. Finch. Moebius Adventures and Wild Games Productions are not affiliated with Matthew J. Finch or Mythmere Games™. This product is compatible with the rules of Swords & Wizardry.