The Skaali: Alien Resource Guide

Who are the Skaali? Why are they on Venus?

The Skaali are a lizard-like race of humanoid aliens currently living on the surface of Venus. The Dominion first learned of them in 2216 and we have learned little more about our new neighbors since the shooting stopped in 2221. Who are these scaly creatures inhabiting the world-next-door? Let’s find out!

The book offers a brief summary for new players of Aliens & Asteroids and an expanded section for Referees with additional information, including details on how to create Skaali characters, new technologies, and some story possibilities to explore!


In 2216, a routine system-wide survey of the Sol system discovered activity on Venus. The probe, expected to find nothing, sent back a handful of images of a small colony on the surface, and then suddenly ending transmissions. The sudden discover of non-human colonies in our backyard sent shock waves through the Dominion, and the Dominion Diplomatic Corps (DDC) immediately sent a small contingent to attempt first contact. However, as soon as the ship arrived in orbit, it was violently destroyed in an act of extreme aggression.

This kicked off a war that saw the deaths of nearly 12,000 combatants from across the Dominion.

The only thing we knew about the alien invaders of Venus was that they seemed lizard-like in appearance. A few grainy images were taken of pilots in suits flying the craft defending Venus, but that was all. The DSF took to calling them “Dinos” because one of the pilots mentioned she thought they looked like what one would imagine a humanoid tyrannosaurus rex might look like.

The conflict ended, five years later, just as suddenly as it began.

Who are the Skaali? Why are they on Venus? And why did they suddenly stop the fighting?

Within this sourcebook are details about their origins, their society, their technologies, their reasoning behind stopping the Skaali Conflict, and more. Additionally, if you’ve ever wanted to play a Skaali in Aliens & Asteroids, this book contains the rules you need!

This is a supplement book for Aliens & Asteroids and requires the A&A core book.