The Grey Men: Alien Resource Guide

Who are the Grey Men?

The Grey Men are a menace to the good citizens of The Dominion of Humankind. They have plagued the Earth by abducting humans and performing inhuman experiments to keep their own dying species alive. And they must be stopped.

The book is constructed to offer a brief summary for new players of Aliens & Asteroids and an expanded section for Referees with additional information, including details on how to create Grey characters, new technologies, and some story possibilities to explore.


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The Grey Men have haunted humanity since they first started abducting them and using them for medical fodder to prolong their own lives. Within this sourcebook are details about their origins, their goals, their methods, technologies, and so much more. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Grey in Aliens & Asteroids, this is your chance!

This is a supplement book for Aliens & Asteroids and requires the A&A core book.