Tattered Magicks


Tattered Magicks is a tabletop role-playing game for telling tales of urban fantasy and horror where magick and monsters are real. This world is just like ours, but will soon be challenged by creatures of myth and legend.

You play everyday heroes exposed to the Hidden World, forced to confront creatures of nightmare and shadow alongside wonders you simply won’t believe. The world of Faerie exists, though it’s been closed away for centuries. And this time, the Fae want to take our world as their own.

Tattered Magicks uses the Inverse20 engine, a fast resolution system that utilizes a d20. Included are rules for creating characters, magick, and monsters, plus a starting scenario that provides a quick start to your campaign!

The rules are focused on enabling you to tell exciting stories around modern wizards, Faerie tales, Bigfoot, vampires, werewolves, and many other horrors. It was inspired by movies like Bright and Hellboy, and television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Constantine, The Librarians, Stranger Things, and Warehouse 13.

Time to grab a handful of dice, some pencils, some players, and get ready for your next urban fantasy adventure!


Press and Reviews

  • Andrew Girdwood at Geek Native says “At its heart, Tattered Magicks is a game about magic returning to the world as the once banished Fae persist in their efforts to return and menace us all. If Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Warehouse 13 style encounters with werewolves and cryptids are the heart of the game, then a simple ruleset is the spine.” Read more here.
  • Check out Fitz’s interview with Dan Davenport at the Hardboiled GMshoe where they go on many tangents discussing the various ways magick seems to work in various urban fantasy settings… Dresden Files, some Cthulhu-influences, and a host of other topics! Read more here.


The World is Getting Weird…

Welcome to a different Earth. It looks a lot like our world, doesn’t it? No flying cars or fancy spaceships flying us off to other planets, though they keep telling us that’s right around the corner. But we do have some weird things brewing amidst the everyday.

I’m sure some of you have seen the ghosts wandering around, but that’s only the beginning. Occasionally, something else finds its way to our world. Our leaders tell us to call them when that happens, reassure us that everything is fine, and then look the other way; but sometimes you just have to get involved. Sometimes you have to stop the ogre from destroying your favorite corner store, right? Other times you have to eliminate the weird lady with the glowing hands who just made Uncle Bob rise from his grave and take a swipe at you. And then there’s the rare time that you have to go find your kids in a cave that wasn’t there yesterday but now seems to lead to a world that Lewis, Martin, and Tolkien might recognize even if you don’t.

Whether you choose to work with some of the better things that break through or put them down with serious firepower, that’s up to you. But the world is changing and we have to change too.

Be safe out there, it’s getting weirder by the minute.

Welcome to the world of Tattered Magicks.