Ouroboros #1

Ouroboros is the place to find little nuggets for your Aliens & Asteroids, Tattered Magicks, or other Inverse20 games! Adventures, articles, creatures, magick items, spells… This is the place!


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Ouroboros, our new content resource for Moebius Adventures games such as Aliens & Asteroids and Tattered Magicks!
We have four articles in this first issue:
  • Castle Calden, Haunted Domain of the Heroux for Tattered Magicks
  • The Toothy Worms of HD 85512b for Aliens & Asteroids
  • Unexpected Effects and Difficult Refereeing for Tattered Magicks
  • Space Station Larceny Ideas for Aliens & Asteroids
Stay tuned for more content in future issues!