One Spot #0: Hand's Goods

Between two other shops you find a stairwell leading down to a weatherbeaten wooden door with “H.G.” carved deeply into the wood but nearly worn away. Upon closer examination, the door can be seen to have a series of three locks – one each at top, bottom and center along the right side. This is not a door you will get through easily if the proprietor doesn’t want to let you in.

When you try to open the door, it is always locked, but you will hear a voice mumble “Wadaya want?” from the other side. Each customer responds differently, but most will simply announce whether they are buying or selling, at which point the sound of several locks turning will happen and the door will swing out onto the landing…


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No matter what system you use for your games, being a game master is a perilous pastime. As soon as the players arrive with their PCs at the ready, your well-formulated plans can go off-the-rails at a moment’s notice. If you have somewhere to put the PCs for a bit while you ponder your options, it can smooth things out considerably.

If you’re in need of such a location on short notice, One Spot is for you! Each product in the line focuses on a different location you can easily drop into any fantasy town or city. Instantly you have a place with NPCs, descriptive text, plot hooks, and more to give you the tools you need to quickly populate a place your PCs can interact with.

One Spot #0 presents a pawn shop called Hand’s Goods, complete with proprietor (the colorful Taylor Hand), store map, images, and more. One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods is another great tool to include in your bag of GM tricks!

One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods offers:

  • An introduction, location description, store map, and image of the doorway at the bottom of the stairs.
  • A bit of background on Taylor Hand, his mannerisms, and a head shot.
  • A suggestion of what items might currently be available for sale.
  • Tips on how Mr. Hand could negotiate with the PCs for items or information.
  • A table (10 items) of potential encounters to kick things off.
  • A list of hooks (4 tables of hints) for how one or more of the PCs may have interacted with the store before.

“I would quite happily expect to be able to drop “Hand’s Goods” into any RPG campaign, with no prep whatsoever. Though you could spend some time generating a list of exactly what’s for sale at the current time, for the most part there will be better things to spend your time on.

But that’s only scratching the surface of what it has to offer…”
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