LPC Fantasy Names III

How many of you sometimes have issues coming up with names for your campaigns? If you’re anything like me, probably more than a few of you. And I’m sure you have your solutions to that problem. Techniques such as phone book surfing, online random name generators, Scrabble tiles… They all work. But I’m going to give you one more option.

Do you find yourself frequently driving or riding somewhere along a city street or highway? Maybe you take public transportation, travel by taxi, or are stuck in traffic during rush hour every day on your commute? If so, I have a few more ideas for you.

LPC Fantasy Names III picks up where the second one left off, offering even more ideas to play with.


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LPC Fantasy Names III takes the third collection of names from my travels and offers three new transformations to apply to make each name even more unique. Use the product as a simple list or you can apply a transformation and make the list grow exponentially. Or mix and match between products to make things even more interesting!

  • If I roll the dice to get a single name (“Rikka”) and the “Syllabic Surgery” transformation, I can quickly break “Rikka” into “Rik” and “ka” to get “Karik.”
  • Or if I end up with two names (“Makinn” and “Minum”) with the “Julienne” transformation, I’ll need to grab a few more names from the list for individual letters… Droq, Flira, Yacime, and Zoffrey. Applying the transformation, I end up with “Mriume.” Or if I have “Reverse Julienne” I come up with something even stranger – “Dlnirn.”

What can you come up with?


Here are the first 20 names from the list:

  1. Sequin
  2. Skiv
  3. Zafiz
  4. Zora
  5. Voss
  6. Lewy
  7. Toz
  8. Zalat
  9. Fidas
  10. Vatz
  11. Narr
  12. Vivan
  13. Flira
  14. Kexan
  15. Dobra
  16. Mosbin
  17. Lhin
  18. Lhiam
  19. Veman
  20. Gunna

This is the next in a new series of short (3-4 page), system-neutral supplements from Moebius Adventures designed to inspire names for characters, places, and whatever you need for your games.