Inverse20 Referee Screen

A beautiful product for use with Inverse20 games such as Aliens & Asteroids and Tattered Magicks, these four panels have everything you need to answer common Inverse20-related questions about Advantage/Disadvantage, Combat, Purchase Rolls, Task Resolution, and so much more!


The Inverse20 Referee Screen provides front-facing artwork featuring the Aliens & Asteroids and Tattered Magicks cover art, plus two more full-color cover pages and four Referee-facing pages featuring A-Z details on using the Inverse20 system for A&A or TM. These tables help provide speedy, helpful answers to questions without diving back into the books every time.

Now you can quickly answer common questions like:

  • Can my character try and break out of that monster’s bear hug? (Yes, using Opposed Checks!)
  • Can you tell me how basic task resolution works again? (Pick an Attribute that fits, see if you have any Traits that might give you Advantage, and roll some dice!)
  • How does Advantage differ from Disadvantage? (For Advantage, you roll two d20s and take the best roll for what you’re trying to accomplish. For Disadvantage, you take the worst roll.)
  • How does aiming work? (Take a Full Action to aim to gain Advantage on the next turn with the shot. And if you’ve got the Sniper trait, you do extra damage!)
  • How does my character heal from attribute damage? (Sleep 8 hours or work during Downtime doing something that would help recover the loss!)
  • How much damage does a pistol do? How about a knife? (d6 for both!)
  • What kinds of things can I do with a Toughness check? (Lift a heavy piece of debris to save that victim, break out of that monster bear hug, fight off poison… that kind of thing.)
  • You gave me a Purchase Roll when we leveled up. What can I do with that? (Gain fancy items that you can’t find anywhere else or anything else you can negotiate with your Referee!)
  • You said that I’m stunned by the creature’s last attack. How does that work? (While you’re stunned, you only get 1 action per turn until you successfully shake it off with a Save vs. Presence!)
  • And much, much more.

Designed for use with the customizable, portrait-format, US Letter size DriveThruRPG Game Master Screen or any other screen that takes US letter-size sheets.

Ease your job as an Inverse20 Referee and have everything you need right in front of you for your next adventure!