Interlude #3: The Trap

The Black Circle is rattled and going to ground, now is the time to strike them at home — on Earth!

This new adventure from writer Jonathan Hicks provides a final glimpse into the dark side of the Dominion. Unfortunately, this may not be an entirely sanctioned operation. The Tsiolkovsky Space Elevator on Earth hosts the Slowrise Bar where the Black Circle conducts business during those slow trips to and from orbit. This may be our only opportunity to expose them once and for all!

This is the last of Jonathan’s three short adventures that can be easily sprinkled into an ongoing A&A campaign…


The PCs struck a nerve on Proxima Centauri C and rattled the forces of the Black Circle. Now is the time to strike this criminal organization when they least expect it — in a space elevator on Earth!

Every now and then GMs may need a small adventure to fill the cracks between other adventures in an ongoing campaign. The Trap from Jonathan Hicks is the final adventure in this series offering a glimpse into the gritty side of the Aliens & Asteroids universe. Our heroes may have interacted with the Black Circle before, a criminal organization with deep connections in the Dominion, but now they are going to hit them at home in a place they think is safe from the authorities.

This is an adventure for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the A&A core book. It includes a bar used as a front for criminal activity on Earth, a unique encounter on a space elevator, some new items to add to your A&A adventures, randomizers to create some unique bar patrons and security staff, and a scenario that could play out in unusual and different ways.