Interlude #2: The Target


You helped out at the station on Harvey’s Eye, and now we need some help on Paxcee a little closer to home…

This new adventure from writer Jonathan Hicks provides another glimpse into the dark side of the Dominion. The industrial and transportation hub known as Aether Secundus is known to be an easy place for criminals to get their business done without outside interference. Well, you’re here to stop the sale of information critical to Dominion operations. Good luck, Marines!

This is the second of three short adventures that can be easily sprinkled into an ongoing A&A campaign…


The events at Harvey’s Eye were just an appetizer as we dive deeper into the inner workings of the Black Circle, one of the Dominion’s most diabolical criminal organizations. This time, the Dominion Defense Service requests your help with a matter on Proxima Centauri c, otherwise known as Paxcee…

Once in a while, every GM needs a small adventure that can be run between other adventures in an ongoing campaign. The Target from Jonathan Hicks offers another glimpse into the gritty side of the Aliens & Asteroids universe and provides more interaction with the Black Circle, a criminal gang of ill-repute.

This is an adventure for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the A&A core book. It includes information about a known haven for criminal activity on Paxcee, new rules around cybernetic technology, and a fun scenario that can play out in unusual and different ways.


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