Interlude #1: The Take


Once in a while, the Dominion Defense Services (DDS) calls in the big guns…

This new adventure from writer Jonathan Hicks provides a glimpse into the dark side of the Dominion. Not all threats come from alien lifeforms! In this case, a DDS case has led to a suspected exchange of illicit goods on the edge of Dominion space and the DDS would like some Marine help to not only stop the transaction, but take the items being sold into possession… Little do our heroes know that it puts them on a collision course with a new challenge!

This is the first of three short adventures that can be easily sprinkled into an ongoing A&A campaign…


Welcome to Icarus IV! The Dominion Defense Service is requesting some Space Marine help for a criminal matter…

Once in a while, every campaign needs a small adventure that can be run between other adventures in an ongoing campaign. The Take from Jonathan Hicks offers a glimpse into the gritty, criminal underworld of the Aliens & Asteroids universe and introduces us to a new threat from within the Dominion: The Black Circle.

This is an adventure for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the A&A core book. It includes information about the Dominion Defense Service (DDS), which is the Dominion’s version of the FBI, including a couple of new professions, new traits, and a background!


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