Fate of the Solar Chaser

What happened to the Solar Chaser?

This new adventure from writer Eric Bloat brings us to a whole new world on the edge of the mysterious Stellar Graveyard, an area clouded in mystery and the possibility of encountering the Dread. Included are maps of the downed spacecraft, a mystery to solve, and a hazardous situation to escape. Numba has many secrets to reveal…


Fate of the Solar Chaser is a brand-new adventure for the science fiction horror game: Aliens & Asteroids.

Their mission takes our brave space marines to a strange alien planet at the edge of the Stellar Graveyard, a world on the edge of known space. It’s been off limits to human forces, though there are some who risk the dangers for the untapped rewards that lie within. Will your heroes answer the call to rescue a downed spacecraft? Or will they add their lives to the death toll of the Stellar Graveyard?

This is an adventure for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the A&A core book. It includes new enemies, new drone traits, and what might be the PCs first exposure to the Dread!