Expansion #2: More Faces and Factions

You bump into the strangest people when you’re exploring the universe.

Expansion #2 pulls together brings together six individuals, and another eleven groups to explore in the A&A universe, including:

  • Mad scientists, military minds, and technologists on the fringe, including the Doctors Morai and Parsol who may mess with your DNA, to the Hackmaster who probably has a few cybernetic parts lying around to help, to a war hero from the Skaali Conflict, and an on-screen news personality pursuing a dangerous story.
  • DARDA, the Dominion’s secret thinktank with zero transparency and a history of employing bright minds to further their aims, whatever they might be. And if you want to leave the organization, be prepared to forget all about your time there. They will wipe away all those pesky memories with technology too dangerous to release in the wild…
  • The Lumino, a group of info-terrorists dedicated to a policy of radical transparency to expose the the rampant discrimination, profiling, and waste done in the name of progress across all five star systems.
  • The Stella Ordo, an order of astronomers dedicated to learning as much as they can about each sun, following the tenets of a religious organization founded in the chaos that followed the Pax Dominia project, cut off from Earth for nearly half a century before the BANCE gates were established.
  • Plus EIGHT more groups, a pair of new traits, a handful of new items, backgrounds, and story threads that can be woven into any A&A campaign!

This is just the beginning!


No matter where you go in the Dominion, you’re going to find individuals and organizations with their own agenda. Sometimes they’re secret. Sometimes they’re obvious. It’s up to you to decide whether their interests align with yours or not.

The “Group of the Week” series began at the Moebius Adventures website as a way to add more flavor to the Aliens & Asteroids universe. Each group has their own origins and reason for being, plus hooks for players and Referees to make their characters more a part of the setting than a part of the scenery.

The people and organizations you find in these pages cover everything from illegal genetic and cybernetic modification to legal experimentation, cloning, and a whole lot more. Perhaps your players will consult on a medical mishap with Dr. Parasol in prison, intersect with the Office of Infectious Diseases (OID) on a mission where they simply want to sacrifice the few for the safety of the many, or get called in to put down some killer plants on one of the farm vessels run by the T’agrica family.

Expansion #2: More Faces and Factions brings together six individuals, and another eleven groups from the “Group of the Week” effort, expanding them and offering detailed backgrounds for use in your own campaigns as well as new traits, items, and potential plot threads to pull your adventures further into the universe.

This is an expansion for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the A&A core book!