Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts

The Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts takes eight different Little Spaces products and rolls them into a monstrous source of inspiration for your games!


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With eight different Little Spaces products out in the wild, it was time for a compilation product. The Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts combines six different products (Ghostly Effects, Scary Basements, Abandoned Places,Gruesome Graves, Creepy Copses, and Horrid Hallways) and rolls them into a single book with an expanded list of descriptors for each of the five senses, expanded examples, and methods for mixing and matching different tables to create even more unique ideas.

Just like all the Little Spaces, the Big Book offers some suggestions on what it is your PCs may have in store for them. It starts by determining which sense you use for the description, then deciding what element you’re describing and gaining some sensory detail about that element. For example, if you’re describing an abandoned place with an oddly smooth smell and the remains of some unfortunate soul (Smell/Remains/Smooth)you might get…

“In the corner of the abandoned room lies a corpse of smooth, white bones and a few tattered clothes. All that is left is the smell of dust and abandoned dreams of treasure and glory…”

If that’s not enough, you can determine whether the place they’re coming to is occupied or not (detailed in Appendix 2). Perhaps a group of pygmies is waiting to ambush the party as soon as they find the entrance or a family of wild animals has made its home in the brush. Thousands of possible combinations will inspire an insane number of adventurous encounters and hidden secrets. Your players may wonder if you’re secretly an explorer with knowledge of all the places lost to time and experience…

Here’s a brief video offering an overview: Using the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts

Reviews and Comments

  • Alex Lucard at Diehard GameFAN says “So what is The Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts? Well it’s a collection of system neutral random charts. Now, these charts aren’t for random encounters or loot, but rather they are to help the Storyteller/GM/Whatever get their imagination churning, and thus provide better descriptions, moods and overall ambiance for his or her gamers…” For the rest of the review, check out Diehard GameFAN… Thanks Alex!
  • The Roll for Initiative podcast guys had a lot to say about the book in a recent episode (here), giving it a 5 swords rating across the board! Thanks RFI!
  • Chris Lotspeich @ Gamer-XP reviewed the Big Book in a double-review and said “The variety offered in this supplement is wonderful, and it can help populate a sparse scene, especially for a beginner GM in the genre.” Thanks Chris!