Expansion #1: Faces and Factions

The universe is a big place, there’s room for all kinds of people!

Expansion #1 pulls together nine different groups to explore in the A&A universe, including:

  • The Endless Council, a secret group of the super-rich focused on living long enough to ensure no one can take that wealth from their dead, cold hands. You might even think that some were seeking the secret to immortality itself!
  • The Calamity Company, a company formed by two brothers trying to clean up their eccentric father’s mess and discovering they had a knack for recycling the past to make room for the future, or at least remove a few eyesores left behind during the great expansion!
  • Extra Dominion Expeditions, a well-financed group of xeno-archaeologists looking for alien technologies to exploit in the name of profits, and dedicated to protecting their intellectual property with deadly force!
  • Plus SIX more groups, a handful of new traits, and a Company Reference providing a listing of all the corporations mentioned so far in the A&A setting!

This is just the beginning!


The universe is a big place and as the Dominion has spread outward into the void, various groups and individuals have moved to fill it. Some have good intentions while others see infinite possibilities and profits on the horizon. There’s room for all of them, though some will be more welcome than others!

The “Group of the Week” series began at the Moebius Adventures website as a way to add more flavor to the Aliens & Asteroids universe. Each group has their own origins and reason for being, plus hooks for players and Referees to make their characters more a part of the setting than a part of the scenery.

Organizations collected in these pages deal with everything from ensuring the floors and walls are spic and span in your research station after a particular messy experiment to a government agency ensuring that the mess didn’t happen in the first place and the company responsible for hauling off all the garbage for incineration in the sun. We also have crazy explorers pushing boundaries, workers ensuring we can recycle to reduce our impact as we expand into the universe, and the absurdly rich making sure they live forever so they never have to give up their wealth.

Expansion #1: Faces and Factions brings together nine groups from the first couple of months of the “Group of the Week” effort, expanding them and offering detailed backgrounds for use in your own campaigns as well as new traits and potential plot threads to pull your adventures further into the universe.

This is an expansion for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the A&A core book!