The Loop Podcast

We recently began a podcast to cover Moebius Adventures topics called The Loop and are using it to explore the world of Tattered Magicks, our upcoming urban fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Here’s our latest episode:

Our cast of characters for Tattered Magicks includes:

  • Alvin Lopez (played by Robert) – a tough guy seeking his place in the larger realm of the supernatural after a brush with evil witches tested his resolve and nearly killed him in the process.
  • Brooke Page (played by Kae) – a childhood actor who became a B-movie martial arts maven and had a brush with destiny leaving her able to see ghosts and wield powerful fists. They can also see and speak to her, as she has come to find out.
  • Diana Pitt (played by Victoria) – a tattoo artist dedicated to resurrecting her dead son, she knows how to make temporary tattoos that pack a punch and she’s not afraid to use them.
  • “Jacob” (aka Talon Wick) (played by KB) – a loner survivalist seeking information about the brutal murders of his family with the ability to see the future and the past, and now transforms into a raven and a direwolf.
  • Jon Calvin (played by Dan) – an old priest walking a fine line between the light and the dark after having a brush with something from a tentacled-realm that he’d rather not encounter again. But that doesn’t stop him from toying with the forces of darkness now and again…
  • Ryder Harlow (played by Shannon) – born into a ghost-hunting family, she seeks an expanded knowledge of the supernatural with an optimistic point of view and a gift for alchemy.
  • Vincent (played by AJ) – a simple soul dedicated to the thought that if it bleeds, he can kill it.

We have a blast each week and we hope you enjoy our adventures!

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