The Loop Podcast

We recently began a podcast to cover Moebius Adventures topics called The Loop and are using it to explore a couple of game worlds. We have a blast each week and we hope you enjoy our adventures!

Note that any of the episodes without “Fell Duinn” in the title are part of the Tattered Magicks game!

Streaming at!

We play Tattered Magicks on Tuesday nights at 730pm MDT and Aliens & Asteroids on Thursday nights at 7pm MDT — catch it live at!

Tattered Magicks

First we have the world of Tattered Magicks, our upcoming urban fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

Our cast of characters for Tattered Magicks includes:

  • Alvin Lopez (played by Robert) – a tough guy seeking his place in the larger realm of the supernatural after a brush with evil witches tested his resolve and nearly killed him in the process.
  • Brooke Page (played by Kae) – a childhood actor who became a B-movie martial arts maven and had a brush with destiny leaving her able to see ghosts and wield powerful fists. They can also see and speak to her, as she has come to find out.
  • Diana Pitt (played by Victoria) – a tattoo artist dedicated to resurrecting her dead son, she knows how to make temporary tattoos that pack a punch and she’s not afraid to use them.
  • “Jacob” (aka Talon Wick) (played by KB) – a loner survivalist seeking information about the brutal murders of his family with the ability to see the future and the past, and now transforms into a raven and a direwolf.
  • Jon Calvin (played by Dan) – an old priest walking a fine line between the light and the dark after having a brush with something from a tentacled-realm that he’d rather not encounter again. But that doesn’t stop him from toying with the forces of darkness now and again… (Dan has left us, but will always have a seat at the table!)
  • “Nik” (aka Nikola Dani) – a middle-aged warrior with a propensity for guns and violence. He likes denim. And apparently there’s a long line of ghosts following him if you ask Brooke.
  • Ryder Harlow (played by Shannon) – born into a ghost-hunting family, she seeks an expanded knowledge of the supernatural with an optimistic point of view and a gift for alchemy.
  • Vincent (played by AJ) – a simple soul dedicated to the thought that if it bleeds, he can kill it.

For this one, we’re just using Skype and a lot of imagination in a “theater of the mind” style, but we may add a map or two to the mix before too long.

Fell Duinn — Aliens & Asteroids

Second, we have a new adventure — Fell Duinn — for Aliens & Asteroids. This is an adventure in the works and a brand new group of players, so we’re looking forward to exploring the depths of Canali Dome on Mars!

Our cast of characters for A&A includes:

  • Medic Adrian Wells (played by Joshua)
  • Scientist Sagan Hawking (played by Holly)
  • Space Marine Danny “Knightro” Knight (played by Dan)
  • Space Marine Hicks (played by Bob)
  • Space Marine Zero Barsoom (played by Jonathan)
  • Technician Corvus Centaurea (played by Matt)
  • Technician Vinnie Cogswell (played by Mitch)

(We’ll add more description as we learn more about our brave crew of heroes!)

This group of players spans decades, some with extensive role-playing experience, and some just starting out. We’re using a combination of Skype and Astral Tabletop.

Plenty more to come!