Pirates Among the Asteroids

Out in the asteroid belt, the Dominion would like you to believe it’s a bunch of happy, go-lucky miners bashing rocks for a living. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s more like the high seas of the 1700s when Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and Jack Sparrow terrorized merchants and travelers alike with their criminal antics.

Pirates are a dime a dozen in the belt. The Marines knock them out. The Dominion Defense Service prosecutes them. And before they even have their day in court, there are a half a dozen new pirates there to take their place.

But you can bet that most of them work for the top three troublemakers in the system — Jellan, Boris, or the Princess. Not their real names of course, but they have caused enough problems they all deserve a proper nickname at least.

  • Jellan is said to be a vicious killer with a flair for the dramatic. He once gave a banquet for his rival and laced the food with nanoscopic food coloring so their eyeballs would explode in pretty colors when he spaced them. Jackson Pollock would have been proud of the mess. It’s said the outside of his spaceship is still dotted with color years later.
  • Boris is a businessman. If there is money involved, he probably has an interest in it if he didn’t have a hand in it in the first place. His talents lie in product acquisition and delivery. And if his record is even half true, the Intergalactic Postal Service could take a few lessons on making every delivery on schedule.
  • The Princess is a bit of a wildcard. She likes to make her ships “all sparkly” to help deflect laser fire, but her rivals think she’s too picky for her own good. She only goes for the biggest scores with the highest risk. She’s had a few of her crews get nabbed, but there’s rumors that many of her best scores go unreported.

The little fish get a few prizes from time to time, but they are busy keeping their heads on a swivel — watching for rivals, security forces, and anything else that might be gunning for them. Most don’t last long without allying themselves with one of the big fish.

In addition, it’s said there are a few freelancers out in the belt as well. Masters of particular talents and skills useful for a price. The Accountant, the Buyer, and the Goons are among the best of these. Money, goods, and muscle. Tough to beat when you need it in a pinch.

And there’s the bounty hunters out there too, looking to take in the biggest fish for a handsome payday. Capture a pirate, collect a prize.

Most of the mining outfits have their own security services to combat the criminal elements, but it doesn’t stop them from being hit from time to time while transporting goods from place to place.

The belt is an ecosystem, constantly in flux. Security forces. Bounty hunters. Pirates. It’s dangerous work, but definitely worth it for a thrill and a few credits.

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