Phaedrus Friday: Discovered!

My liege, I have failed you and taken refuge among the Waktok. They are protecting me as I make my way home to you. Their migration takes them across the world seeking the lost knowledge of Bede. I have promised them secrets in return for my safety. Please make sure that one of your Lieutenants rewards them for their service upon my arrival.

fairyforestThe ancient elf Soulat had spies of his own and I was discovered in Liantos, capital of the elves’ kingdom of Nianthos Brae. My shadow form drew attention among the living towers as the very construction of each building would betray me by physically pulling away from me as I tried to hug the walls. Soulat trained his minions well, observing even such subtle shifts in the environment.

My goal was simple. To determine the gender of the new child of King Tanithal and Queen Emilese. Swaying such a young mind towards our cause would be beneficial, would it not? Completing such a task proved far from easy however.

Rumor says the Queen believes the child to be a daughter, but the King is hoping for a male heir. In either case, a new generation of Anderothos royalty will arrive soon – the first new child in the royal line in several hundred years. And that child will now be swayed against us by its parents.

In my haste, I may have shown our hand. The world may too soon learn of the rising doom from Bede. And if I was so careless as to let slip our secret, I shall lay down my life for you in person when I arrive to throw myself upon your endless power.

I shall pry what knowledge I can from my Waktok benefactors as I journey ever closer.

Your faithful spy.

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