Phaedrus Friday: Adan the Mad Has Escaped!

It seems that Adan Talorn has escaped his father’s care and broken free of the asylum in Charis. The King and Queen have sent searchers in all directions, but rumor has it that even the gnomes are without word of his current whereabouts. The troubled boy has spoken of a “coming age of darkness” for years and no one has listened. Perhaps he believes it is soon to arrive.

Open medieval prison doorThere seem to be two schools of thought in the matter of his disappearance.

The first is that he is seeking a path north to the dwarven strongholds and then beyond to the snowy land of dragons northwest of the Algar Mountains. Many scholars have privately linked the “darkness” the prince has spoken of to the Whirlpool creating the perpetually frigid, unsettled weather in the region.

The second involves the open debate of the boy being “fae touched” from a young age. It is possible he found a portal to Haven. Portals pop up irregularly all over Phaedrus, though the fae would never confirm nor deny seeing the prince in their lands in any straightforward manner. If Adan is lost as a pawn between the Sylvan and Sidhe courts, I may not live long enough to know the answer. Though you may, my immortal liege.

If I discover anything more definite I will let you know. But for now, Adan is no longer a pawn on your board.

Your faithful spy.

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