This message was intercepted on its way to King Anderothos in the islands of Nianthos Brae. The elf who did not hand over the message willingly, so there may be some political fallout…

My liege…

GNOMISHUNIONEvery gnomish outpost across the land gained a heightened level of panic upon receiving this message from the Ruling Council:



Emperor Adlai-Gimmus missing. Council in session, Robin-Udfalt presiding. First command: FIND THE EMPEROR.

Though message delivery seems to continue, the activity level (and attitude) at each outpost has definitely been cranked to “HIGH”.

Expect gruff reception when sending any messages to the other races.


Though the gnomes have kept their secrets for years, this apparently has slipped through the cracks finally. How long has Emperor Adlai-Gimmus been missing? Rumors have swirled around his potentially being out of pocket for years. Perhaps they are true?

Will send along any other information as discovered.

Your faithful spy.

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