Personality Traits, Part 2 – Neutral

Welcome again fellow adventurers! Let’s take on the Neutral Personality Traits this time.

Now we get to add a few more constants of character, but approach them from the neutral point of view with a new set of traits. Again, we won’t go into as much detail with this set but will have more in a future product.

The idea is that, depending on your alignment and attitude, you will be directed to pick 5 personality traits. This usually helps create a more balanced character with traits applicable for role-playing in a wider variety of situations.

Obviously your character doesn’t embody all of these traits at all times. If you think 5 is too many, choose 3 and see how that works for you. The idea is to use them to help you get into character, not become something to avoid.

Neutral Traits

  • yinyangCurious: inquisitive, needs to know
  • Hedonistic: pleasure is the most important thing
  • Precise: always exacting
  • Studious: studies often, pays attention to detail
  • Mysterious: has an air of mystery about him
  • Loquacious: talks and talks and talks…
  • Silent: speaks rarely
  • Foppish: vain, preoccupied with appearance
  • Immaculate: clean and orderly
  • Rough: unpolished, unrefined
  • Skeptic: disbelieving of things unproven
  • Immature: acts younger than their age
  • Even-tempered: rarely angry or over joyous
  • Rash: acts before thinking
  • Extroverted: outgoing
  • Introverted: focuses one’s interests in own self
  • Materialistic: puts emphasis on possessions
  • Aesthetic: possessions are unnecessary
  • Creative: able to make something out of nothing
  • Amoral: no care for right or wrong

Let’s get back to the question of “Why 5 traits?”

During a session a few weeks ago we had an adventure that included amulets that could only be seen by those who were of good and neutral ethos. But I had temporarily forgotten that one of the PCs had evil tendencies due to his alignment and attitude. When I remembered that fact, I wondered how this would work out but I wasn’t too concerned because the group consisted of pretty good roleplayers. The fun was going to be seeing where the situation went and how it progressed.

zeimusu-celtic-necklaceWhen they got to the point where they encountered the amulets, the party was in a quandary. The good and neutral characters were curious as they could see and touch the item but why couldn’t their companion? This led to some great roleplaying moments during the adventure which were completely unexpected.

They wondered how well they really knew the character and even questioned if he was a doppleganger who had replaced him. It was hilarious! They ended up asking him a bunch of questions that made them believe he was the person they thought he was but still were concerned why he could not see the amulets.

The Mystic in charge asked him a bunch of questions and got to the root of his ‘anger’ issues due to a situation from his past. The Mystic realized he was not a bad person, just someone with negative emotions caused by a traumatic past event. The Mystic revealed the amulets to him but requested that he consider getting rid of his negative emotions and live more peacefully in the now.

And now that everything was resolved regarding the viewing of the amulets, the adventure was back on track.

This all came out of the session 0, or character building session. He came up with a history that he found interesting and all I had to do was accommodate it by having an area that had been terrorized. I warned him that if he created a villain I would reserve the right to use his character how I saw fit. More importantly though, this gave him some angst over this past event that comes out every now, inspiring a need for revenge.

He keeps it under wraps quite well most of the time. He wanted to have a redemption arc where he finds a bit of peace over the fact that he was helpless to change anything. If he hadn’t created this brief history for his character, there would not have been anything to riff off of with the Mystic.

Another benefit for me was that he helped develop an area that I had decided that had gone through an upheaval recently but I had not detailed quite yet. He felt quite happy that he helped create something that affected the world. How many new players get to say they have affected the world they play in before they even have actually roleplayed? He was already making a difference.

Without the traits though these great moments likely would not have happened. I love seeing this type of situation as you never know how it will play out and even more importantly how much fun it will be. This is what roleplaying is about to me.

Next time…

Darkside personality traits!

Keith R. Byers, A.Sc.T., Esq.

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