One Spot Design: Locations – The Reeve

Now that we know a bit about Reeve Quentus (see this post), it’s time to look at the place he works and some related locations…

sheriffstarThe Reeve’s Station

The Reeve’s station is a small three-story building with a living area upstairs, an office on the main floor, and three small jail cells in the basement. It once was the town mayor’s house in Old Town, but was bequeathed to the town upon his death. The mayor’s home and office has long since moved to New Town, but the Reeve lives at the station rent-free as long as he holds the office.

There were rumors of diabolicism after the old mayor’s death, but no evidence was ever found to substantiate the claims. Since then however, the building has had several ghost sightings, especially in the basement. A handful of prisoners have left their incarceration in a catatonic state as though they were nearly scared to death.

The Gilded Stag

Also in Old Town, the Gilded Stag was among the first buildings to be constructed when the town was founded. It has changed hands multiple times, but is reputed to be the headquarters for the local thieves’ guild. The tavern attracts an odd mix of miscreants and criminals, which has led to a number of violent altercations and even a few deaths over the years. But even so, the ale and wine flow freely and those seeking to win a fortune in games of chance can often be found among the drunkards.

The building itself consists of one large room with a small bar and many tables, along with a back room rumored to be the office of the guild elder – a rotating position held by the most ruthless of thieves’ guild members. Tavern patrons escorted into the back room sometimes suffer strange ailments at the hands of the big men acting as bar bouncers when things get rough.

New Town Reeve Office

As the mayor and the town council have attempted to clean up the town reputation and attract new business owners to the area, they knew that New Town would need a new breed of law enforcement. Someone they could control a bit better than the old Reeve while still providing security and some legitimacy to their efforts. The new constables have set up shop in a small one room building with a single jail cell for the time being, across from town hall. There’s barely room for a couple of desks, storage for weapons and equipment, and the jail cell, but the three constables on staff seem to be making it work.


  1. The PCs have been contacted by the family of one of the criminals who stayed in the Old Town jail to figure out what happened.
  2. The Gilded Stag hosts a weekly gambling game (cards, dice) rumored to have a huge pot and involve influential figures in town.
  3. Three men were recently found battered and broken a street or two away from the Gilded Stag and have not yet recovered enough in the care of the local temple to speak of how they got there.
  4. A pickpocket was recently caught by the New Town constables and is being held for the Traveling Judge. He may have a connection to the Old Town thieves’ guild.
  5. The mayor and the town council have hinted that they are discussing how to handle their problems with the Old Town Reeve.


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