One Spot Design: An NPC – The Reeve

It’s time to learn a bit about the main NPC for the next One Spot supplement… Reeve Quentus. He’s got a bit of a problem…


The Reeve in town was a good man once. But when you deal with scum and villainy regularly, it’s difficult to avoid becoming a bit tainted yourself. As Nietszche once said… “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” Reeve Quentus has fought against the darkness for so long that he’s begun losing the fight with his own darker nature. Though he swore to uphold the law when he began, those vows have been broken many times of late.

Quentus has been seen cavorting with criminals both common and un-. Of course, witnesses are reluctant to go on record, but claim to have seen him speaking with various criminals and even some of their bosses. If nothing else, he has been a regular attendee to the weekly gambling game at the Gilded Stag – known home to the thieves’ guild in Old Town – for several months.

The town leadership has started a process to remove Quentus from office, but the burden of proof is high and evidence is in short supply. An independent investigator from the Judges Guild was supposedly sent weeks ago, but has yet to arrive. A search party has gone out a few times to find the investigator, but they have yet to find any signs of the man’s passing.


The Reeve was young and virile once, but has begun to gray and fray at the edges a bit. His once straight back has become stooped and his street fighter physique has been dulled by too much cheap food, drink, and tobacco. The many scars from scuffles and fights along the journey have also taken their toll, slowing his gait to a crawl and making him seem weak.

He can still pack a punch and fights dirty with a pair of dirks that are always on his person, but he leaves most of the heavy lifting to his two constables – Rokk and Wex, a pair of brutish brothers. Townspeople know if they see any of the trio coming it’s time to leave the vicinity before the badness happens.


  1. The investigator was sent, but Quentus contracted with the local thieves’ guild to “take care of it” for him. He doesn’t know specifics, but does know his time is limited.
  2. Rokk and Wex are both known criminals who started out with the thieves’ guild before becoming constables a year or so ago. They hope to be next in line for the reeveship.
  3. The town leadership has appointed a new reeve in New Town to address the corruption in the Old Town law enforcement – the younger constable Rede. Quentus and Rede have collided on a few cases and the situation is coming to a head soon.
  4. Quentus’ wife passed away a number of years ago and that was what hastened his descent to the dark side. She kept him on the straight and narrow as his muse and conscience and without her he lost his way.
  5. The weekly gambling game involves more than a few local merchants and politicians in bed with the thieves’ guild.


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