One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods Is Now Available!

Welcome to Hand’s Goods… A place to find preowned items of all shapes and sizes, for a negotiable price. Mr. Hand isn’t the cheeriest of folk, but he’ll make sure you pay a fair price or get fair worth whatever you choose to sell.

One Spot #0: Hand's GoodsThis is the first in a new series of short (2 page), system-neutral supplements from Moebius Adventures designed to provide easy locations to drop into your fantasy campaign, complete with hooks, NPCs, and a few surprises. As the first One Spot product, it is free of charge to let you get a feel for how the series will work.

Each One Spot product offers the following:

  • One page full of player-appropriate information, including overview details, what and who to expect, along with a pair of images to set the scene.
  • One page full of GM-appropriate information, including NPC details, a map of the location, encounter/hook ideas, and a random table to help define what sort of relationship a PC may have with the place.

Each product can then be used independently or together to help busy GMs add details to their worlds without a ton of work.

Pick a spot, drop it in, and roll!

Get your copy for free today at DriveThruRPG or RPGNow and let us know what you think!

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