Off the Map: The Tribe of Oatare

Today we’ll talk about one of the peoples of the world of Void and Light.

On the western coast of the Southern Waste lies the tribe of the Oatare. The Oatare believe that flesh, in all forms, is a gift from the Creators, and therefore must be consumed. Depending on the type of gift, the ceremony changes – but they are always thankful.

Cannibals.23232Very little vegetation grows in the area, but there are vast beds of sea kelp that flourish along the volcanic vents related to the fault that created the Shadowed Peaks to the north. The Oatare are usually content hunting the “Frozen Bear” who frequents those kelp beds. These aquatic mammals are similar to the manatee, bobbing between the surface and the kelp to survive.

These bears are slow and plentiful, and also the favored prey of the minor kraken who hunt them. You will often find members of the tribe with kraken beaks around their necks as trophies.

Sometimes there are powerful storms which drive ships south into the Oatare doldrums off shore. These ships are considered special gifts of the Creators by the tribe. Survivors of these ships are captured and fed a steady diet of “lesser flesh,” such as that of their Frozen Bears, for a period of two weeks. At that point, these victims become lambs for the slaughter and are a special treat for all members of the tribe.

Traders know to avoid the area if at all possible, but those storms blow up about once a year and are hard to avoid on a schedule. Remember those trophy necklaces? Many of them also include finger bones and teeth as well…

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