Odd Thought: Steampunk Dream Gear

Though I missed the window for the Nevermet Press contest for free loot if you provided some feedback about their Loaerth & Feywyrd fantasy/steampunk setting, I had an odd thought the other night I thought I’d share.

Ever since seeing Hellboy II: The Golden Army, the cool goggles that allowed Hellboy to see the cat-eating creature of faery in her true form <shudder>¬†have come up in my head from time to time. The concept of goggles that would allow the wearer the power of “true sight” isn’t new, but it was fun to see it brought into a practical application by Guillermo del Toro and company.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
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I’m not sure why this popped up in my brain the other day, but here’s the thought…

Baron Von Empyrus, a self-trained doctor of the abnormal arts, has always had a fascination for dreams. That unhealthy fascination may come from the fact that he himself has never had a dream that he can remember. As a result, he began observing subjects sleeping and discovered that some reported leaving their bodies and traveling in a dream world.

Once that piece of the puzzle fell into place, he began researching what some call the “Astral” plane – a hidden place for dreamers and those mentalists with the ability to get there. He began pairing science and magic to find a way to see into this realm. That resulted in the Dream Goggles, a pair of heavy glass and copper spectacles strapped firmly to the wearer’s head that allows them to see the previously unseen.

But that wasn’t enough. He could watch his dreamers dream, but wanted the ability to manipulate them on the other side.

That led to the creation of the Dream Gloves, which give the wearer the ability to reach into the Astral plane and interact with things. Unfortunately, this caused unimaginable suffering and pain in the victims trapped in the dream world. The Baron not only grappled with them, but in some cases tore them apart, causing irreparable harm to their spirits. And when you die on the Astral plane, your body will eventually wither and die back on in our realm.

When a “patient” of the Baron’s finally escaped and told the authorities what was going on, he was stopped. But the goggles and gloves were never recovered…

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