NPC Time: Dyn the Dockmaster and Isimi

Anywhere along the docks of Riverport, if you hear the name Dyn it’s probably accompanied by a swear word. Though he lost the use of his legs years ago, he still manages to know everything going on in his domain.

A sailor by trade, he was carried off a ship twenty years ago and hasn’t walked since. The twin masted Black Pride was coming back from Saesi to the southwest across the Oathys when a wicked storm came upon them. Captain Black tried to outrun it and was caught from behind. Though the ship limped into port, it was missing its captain and several deckhands when all was said and done. Dyn was caught in the rigging when the main mast snapped like a toothpick, but was among the battered survivors.

Dyn’s father, Ro, worked the docks as an old seaman himself, helping keep track of incoming and outgoing vessels. The shipbuilder Cardoori built him a wheelchair of sorts so that Dyn had mobility. Never one to sit still, he helped his father on the docks once he was mobile. He quickly found his way into the illicit world of the smuggler’s trade and found methods to merge the illegal and legal operations more smoothly for all involved.

These days the dockmaster and undisputed ruler of Docktown, Dyn, now seems content providing services for negotiable fees. Shrewd but fair, he and his goons on the docks are much less prone to following the letter of the law if there may be a few gold in it. But there are rumors of lines even Dyn won’t cross, so people tread lightly when transporting certain goods.

Nothing happens in Docktown without Dyn knowing about it. And when you’d least expect it, you can find him in the strangest places hiding in the shadows, watching, and listening. Depending on who you ask, his chair is rumored to fly, levitate, or teleport wherever he wants to go.

Today, Dyn still makes his rounds as often as he can. But as he gets older, his heir apparent – Isami – can be seen as much if not more than Dyn around the docks. Isami serves not only as Dyn’s right-hand man, but is the leader of the group of Goons who have their fingers in every area – loading and unloading, ship crew, boat repair, storage, and so on.

Isami himself has a bit of a checkered past as one of the Siyada tribe of savages from the islands of Saesi. Lost as a child in one of the great storms the Oathys sometimes whips up, he was picked up by a trade vessel in the area. Though he spoke little of the common tongue, whenever asked a question he would nod and say “Is a me,” thus the creation of his name. After a skirmish on board, Isami was kicked off the ship in Riverport and found work among the Goons, advancing quickly after gaining the attention of Dyn.

(The following NPCs are described using WR&M terms)


Attributes: Warrior 3, Rogue 5, Mage 2
HP: 9, Fate: 5, Mana: 4, Defense: 8
Skills: Daggers, Lore, Awareness
Talents: Leadership, Henchman
Trappings: Wheelchair, old dagger, dock ledger


Attributes: Warrior 5, Rogue 4, Mage 1
HP: 11, Fate: 4, Mana, 2, Defense: 8
Skills: Swords, Awareness, Athletics
Talents: Sailing, Leadership, Tough as Nails
Trappings: Scimitar, shark tooth necklace

Typical Goon

Attributes: Warrior 3, Rogue 5, Mage 2
HP: 9, Fate: 5, Mana: 4, Defense: 9
Skills: Daggers, Thievery, Thrown
Talents: Sailing
Trappings: Hooded cloak, dagger, 1d6 throwing stars

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